Vânătările Ponorului

This is a complex natural park, an endo and exo-karstic system made up of two avens and a waterfall. Its picturesque landscape is the result of rainfall that has carved a series of purplish strips into the whitish-grey of the limestone walls.              

Vânătarea Aven and  Dâlbina Cave, which opens at its northern border, are located at the south-western edge of Bedeleu Peak in the Trascău Mountains, at the confluence of Valea Ponorului (Ravine Valley) and Valea Poienii (Meadow Valley). The elevation varies between 680 m and 600 m.

In the north-east and south, the park ends at the abrupt walls of the aven which continue to the west with the moderately steep walls located near the confluence of Valea Ponorului and Valea Seacă (Dry Valley).