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We discovered this magical place in the heart of the Apuseni while we were at university, when we used to travel to the Arieș Valley – Valea Arieșului – by “mocănița” (an old miniature steam train), we got off at Sălciua Station and then we trekked along the road to Huda lui Papară.

When you want to leave everything behind and run away from the maddening urban jungle, we advise you to go beyond the limits of industrial tourism, to the Apuseni Mountains. They may not be the tallest mountains in Romania, but the Apuseni have a special charm you cannot find anywhere else.

Here, the mornings spent at the foothill of the Bedeleu Massif have a festive character, the escape into the wilderness recharges your batteries and the peace of the early mornings invites you to plan your ramblings in order to discover the stunning trails and the beauty of the gently sloping calcareous mountains.

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