Rimetea is perhaps the most visited village in the Apuseni, being considered one of the most beautiful in Romania. At the same time, it is the only place to have received the Europa Nostra Award for the conservation of the material cultural heritage.

What makes it so special? The fact that the villagers have understood how vital it is to preserve the local traditions and the area and they have made considerable efforts to achieve that. 138 traditional Sekler houses, considered historic monuments, were restored before the year 2000 with the help of NGOs from Hungary, and now the village at the foothill of the Trascău Mountains seems to spring from the pages of a fairy-tale. The white houses, the streets bordered with pastures, the ethnography museum, the locals – with their stories and the tasty food they serve – everything makes up a charming whole.

And if you get to Rimetea, you should also visit the 18th Century fortified church, the ruins of the Trascău fortress, erected in the late 13th Century, and, if you fancy a bit of adventure and a sensational view, climb Piatra Secuiului (the Seklar’s Stone), from where you can admire the valley in all its splendour.