Râmeț Gorge

A complex natural park, with a picturesque and almost pristine landscape, this calcareous area preserves a series of rare plants among which there are numerous monuments of nature.

Râmeţ Gorge is situated in the central-eastern part of the Trascău Mountains, along the middle Geoagiu Valley, called Valea Mănăstirii (the Monastery Valley) downstream, and Valea Mogoşului (the Mogos Valley) upstream, with an elevation ranging between 1,189 and 530 metres.

The northern limit is represented by the line separating the edge of the limestone escarpment from the forest, which then continues eastward and westward. Its southern border is the edge of a small limestone plateau varying between 1,158 and 1,166 metres in altitude, dominated by the Piatra din Chei Peak (Gorge Rock Peak) at 1,189 metres.  

There are two well-known treks that traverse the Gorge. The first one follows the river, while the second is the more scenic route. It meanders on the left wall of the gorge (through Brâna Caprelor = the Goats’ Path), opening on a series of panoramic views of the gorge.